Market Gallery Pub – This Friday

Just a quick reminder, the Market Gallery Pub is this Friday at 6pm.  I had a look inside the gallery yesterday and it’s looking awesome.  It is a little on the small side, but I think Eric has made the most of the space and it has a great vibe.

I have three beers in, a Vienna lager, Rauchbier and Hefeweizen. Some of the other beers look great – I’ll be having some of that vanilla oatmeal stout. Due to a shortage of bottles, I kept the hefeweizen in a keg. Keg users know that the dynamics of carbonation, temperature and beer line length is an art in itself, so I had no choice but to build a smallish kegerator.  Time was not on my side so I did a bit of a rough job on it, but it certainly does the job.  The tap is one these from More Beer in the states. I now have two kegerators-come-fermentation chambers, which will make my summer lager brewing a whole lot easier.

The pub school events have been great fun. The brewing demonstration Owen and I led was shambolic to say the least, with elements cutting out left, right and centre. We managed to save the day in the end by splitting the wort between the kettle and the HLT and doing a dual boil. Even up to this point, it was a relatively smooth brewday. But it all went to shit after that, when we pumped the hot wort into the HLT (without a hop strainer) to chill. Of course, the pump got blocked and Owen, Robbie & myself had to lug the thing onto a step and tip it into the kettle, just so we could filter the hops out and pump the wort into the fermenters. Oh, and we forgot the whirlfloc. The enduring lesson of the day? Don’t drink Imperial IPAs on an empty stomach for lunch.

I missed the readings, but the WEST tour was a great success.  I only just realised that those two copper columns next to the bar are a mash cooker and brewing copper respectively. They have a very impressive automated German brewhouse, steam jacketed coppers, mash filters and so on. It reminded me a little of the Paulaner Brauhaus in Munich.  I was impressed to see a full range of Weyermann speciality grains and i’m sure I saw a few handfulls of acidulated malt and cara-wheat being pocketed by enthusiastic homebrewers.


  1. fiercelyfuzzy · May 1, 2010

    Howdo. I was there last night! Very busy though so I just stayed for a couple. One of which was your hefeweizen. Very nice indeed. Hopefully the event could be a yearly thing as it looked like a great success.

  2. ericmsteen · May 2, 2010

    Yep, your hefeweizen was awesome. Thanks again for everything you contributed.

  3. Geoff · May 2, 2010

    Did I meet you fiercely fuzzy? I can’t remember 🙂

    Yeah it was an excellent night. Everyone had a great time – well done Eric!

  4. leigh · May 22, 2010

    WEST’s been on the list of places to visit for some time now. Sounds very cool, and I like the germanic vibe it seems to have.

  5. ericmsteen · October 29, 2010

    Hey Geoff, hope all is well. I check this site every now and then but it hasn’t been updated in a while. Looking forward to next post. Hope you’re good.

  6. Geoff · November 2, 2010

    Hey Eric, how are you? I lost your contact details because my e-mail address got deleted when I finished university.

    Haven’t had time to update with moving home recently — although I have had time to brew, so I should revive this at some point!

    What kind of projects are you working on at the moment?

  7. ericmsteen · November 10, 2010

    hey, i’ll send you an email

  8. ericmsteen · November 10, 2010

    Oh wait, that probably means you lost your email address altogether! Bummer, I think I’ve emailed you a few times. You can email me at ericmsteen at gmail and send me your new email address.

    Things are going well, I moved to Colorado, attended the GABF and just last weekend the first annual Beer Blogger’s Conference. I’m teaching art, and I love the job.

    I’m working on a few projects in Kansas City, New York City and maybe one more that are various iterations of the Pub School and Pub Project. I’m also doing this project in Colorado called “Beers Made By Walking” inspired in part by Williams Bros and also this Scottish artist Richard Long. We’ll be making beers using ingredients we find on hikes and camping trips.

    Anyway, shoot me an email and update me as to what you’ve been up to. Robbie told me you may help with Glasgow Beer Week. I can’t wait to hear more about that. Okay, talk to you later.

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