All-Grain Brewing Demonstration

Eric mentioned on his Glasgow Beer and Pub Project project blog that myself and another local homebrewer will be doing an all-grain brewing demonstration on April 7th.

This will be a hands on demonstration from water treatment and mashing the grain through to pitching the yeast.  The plan is to start at 5pm and hopefully be finished, or nearly finished, by 9pm.  There should be plenty of time to throw back a few beers and ask questions.  I want to see you there whatever your experience, if you’ve never drank a beer in your life or if you’re a seasoned all-grain brewer.

The best part about this is you will get to try the finished beer which will be served on draft at the Market Gallery Pub event on April the 30th.  The beer we’ve chosen is a traditional English best bitter, which is best enjoyed fresh, hoppy and young.  It will be hopped with Kent Goldings hops and dry hopped with Styrian Goldings.  Bitter is beer how it’s meant to taste: floral, aromatic, and highly drinkable.  It will also be served through my traditional Angram beer engine.  If you come on the 7th, you will be able to say: “I helped brew this beer from scratch!”

Rob @ Self Store Depot has kindly agreed to help out the homebrewing community by offering to supply the malt and hops for this event free of charge. Show your appreciation by taking a look at his products here.

I have ordered from Rob before and the hops were with me within 24 hours at a great price and superbly vacuum packed.

See you on the 7th!

The Market Gallery is on 334 Duke Street, Glasgow, G31 1QZ, Scotland


  1. Barm · March 10, 2010

    Are you going to cask condition it?

  2. Geoff · March 10, 2010

    Wasn’t planning on it, as this would make transporting the kegs more difficult due to sediment. I could cask condition one and force carb the other for comparison, I suppose – any thoughts?

  3. Barm · March 10, 2010

    I just wondered as you said you were going to put it through a handpump. If there is any decent storage space at the gallery it could be stillaged there a few days in advance. Maybe.

    I am doing polypins, got an experimental one on the go at the moment to check it actually works.

  4. Geoff · March 10, 2010

    Well, I’m using cornie kegs so cask conditioning isn’t particularly ideal. Polypins would be nice but I don’t want to spend any more money on this thing because I’m already donating 100 pints. If someone wants to donate one of those plastic firkins…

  5. nojobyet · March 10, 2010

    It’s the thought of filling and capping 100 bottles for other people to sup that drives me to the polypin solution 😉

  6. fiercelyfuzzy · March 17, 2010

    Fantastic! Just what I need so thanks a lot for organising it. I’m planning my first AG next week so I should have lots of questions to ask. I may not be there for 5pm as I have to drive back from Hull but I’ll be there ASAP.

  7. Geoff · March 17, 2010

    Great stuff, see you then.

  8. Pete · November 20, 2011

    I was impressed with your three vessel stainless system, all on one level. Just wondered if you have any information published anywhere about how your pipes and pumps are connected.

    I’m constructing a similar system from 10 gallon stainless steel kegs, so I’m looking for some ideas and information how to do this. Thanks.


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