Glasgow Beer and Pub Project

Portland based artist Eric Steen is holding what he calls “a six-week socially engaged art and field-research project into Glasgow’s beer industry and pub culture.” Not being artistically inclined – in the slightest – I’m not quite sure what this means.  I do, however, intend to find out.  I have more or less committed to producing 100 or so bottles of beer for his Market Gallery Pub event on April 30th, basically a one night showcase for homebrewed beer, which does sound like a lot of fun.  If you’re in the area and feel like dropping by, I will look forward to meeting you and sharing a pint.

I was mulling over what to brew at the weekend, which is generally just by whim and what I feel like drinking at that moment.  Here’s what i’m (probably) going for.  Some of these will fit in with my single hop experiment.

– Single hop IPA (Columbus)

– Some kind of strong hoppy red ale/ipa, possibly with a single hop like Nelson Sauvin or Amarillo

– Vienna lager (maybe with a single hop, either traditional noble or a NZ Saaz type like Motueka)

– Traditional Rauchbier (never brewed one of these… looking forward to it!)

– Hefeweizen (easy to brew…most people like drinking them)

I am starting tomorrow with the IPA.  Lots of work over the next few weeks but it’s all about the art!


  1. Barm · February 27, 2010

    Do bring some Rauchbier to the Market Gallery, if it’s lagered out in time! I can’t get enough smoked beer.

  2. Geoff · February 28, 2010

    I will, I know you won’t approve though – it’s going to be a bit on the tame side. Only 33% Rauchmalt. That stuff is damned expensive.

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