Racking the Flanders Red

Well, after a year and three months, it was time to rack the Flanders

Looks disgusting, doesn’t it? The pellicle was still intact and there was a thick layer of yeast on the bottom. I was expecting the worst. Here was a sample in the glass.

Aroma is spot on I reckon. It has that faint acetic smell which I like about Rodenbach. Flavour, sourness-wise I think this is about halfway between the original Rodenbach and the Grand Cru. Maybe slightly closer to the original – I can’t remember, I’ll have to buy a bottle. It’s a good kind of sourness. There’s a noticeable ‘leatheriness’ if that’s a word, maybe slightly ‘horsey’ or ‘barnyard-y’. It’s not offensive and I think it adds an interesting dimension or maybe i’m just being charitable towards my own beer. I can’t remember if that flavour is in Rodenbach. I can tell it’s a flavour which has been decreasing over time so I think it’s the Brett. Good stuff – i’m pleased at how it’s progressing. It’s now in a keg, and i’ll put it in champagne bottles soon.


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