Baby Hallertau

I should include some pictures of my hops to justify the rather silly name of my blog:

Heres a couple of Hallertau shipped from Germany by Eickelmann. They are pretty scrappy, but it’s a wonder they lived at all in transit. They are starting to show a bit of fresh growth, so I will transplant them in the ground soon.

Hallertau is a region in Bavaria where most of the worlds hops are grown, most of which are destined for lager-beer, although they’ve found their way into some British cask ales, too – Harvieston’s Bitter & Twisted springs to mind. The hops have a delicate floral, slightly spicy, clean flavour. You can see a first year Bramling Cross hop plant from A-Plus starting it’s ascent just next to the pots.


Here’s a second year Challenger above, and Fuggle below it, both from Essentially Hops. I highly recommend them as a supplier of hop rhizomes.

These are both classic English ale hops. While Challenger is more crisp, fruity & spicy (Coniston Bluebird Bitter is a single varietal Challenger-hopped beer), the Fuggle imparts a more traditional earthy flavour (Adnams bitter on cask). You can see some of the leaves are looking a bit scorched. I’ve clipped away most of the leaves that were looking seriously ill, about a dozen in total. I’m not quite sure what has been causing this yet; although it should be pointed out that Scotland has never been a prolific hop-producing nation for obvious reasons!


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